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  1. Pertaining to a large city. An Urban area might be defined a an area with a large amount of people residing in it, an area that has been significantly developed, or an an area where he distance between buildings is very small.

  2. Denoting or relating to popular culture of Hip-Hop origin.


Tap into the cool crowd.


how we provide value

Data At Our Core

We track and measure EVERYTHING, before AND after we make a move. Armed with machine learning and an array of analytics tools, we monitor and manage campaigns using strategies driven by relevant data. Only after we've established parameters with the numbers, do we layer on the creativity and human touch.

Measurable ROI


Premium Influencers

verifiable offline influence

High online Engagement rates

real followers, likes & comments

authentic connection to brand/product


Campaign Strategy & Management

data-driven campaign strategies

alignment with business goals

Full campaign management

Metrics & reporting



Content Creation

Data-driven creative

Branded content concepts

in-house photography & videography

Content optimized for multiple platforms


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The lo-fi wave

Why Work With Us?

Lo-fi lives at the edge of Urban culture. Strategically based in Atlanta, the crown jewel of the Hip-Hop industry, our Agency is close to the pulse of where culture is born. If our Influencers aren't setting trends themselves, they're giving the stamp of approval to the originators.

  • Promotional Sponsored Posts
  • Native Lifestyle Ads
  • Branded Content
  • Exclusive Ambassadorships
  • Content Amplification
  • Live Event Engagements
  • Guest Blogging
  • Social Media Takeovers

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